Report a verbally abusive player? how?


Yes...some mod gathers the inputs and clicks approved or abuse warning.


1)Mainframe is too young to do that. U-18

2)Mainframe though does help in the help and support chat tab.

3)Mainframe does not have a keyboard.

4)Mainframe is an anti-hacker.

5)~1.38 task(s) done till date.

The "S" word!

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666Buffchix wrote:
1400136896 wrote:

Because mods are on live chess???!

I'm talking about the auto-filter (???!), not an actual mod. It automatically censors language but doesn't on the forums. The policy makes no sense. If the word is too offensive for the eyes of little Aiden/Caiden/NinjaGaiden in Live Chess, then it's also too offensive for the eyes of little Aiden/Caiden/NinjaGaiden in the Forums.

Live Chess chat isn't saved, so the auto mod operates to keep the worst and most obvious offences out of it. Content in the forums is retained, and rather than have the auto mod screen out perhaps legitimate uses of a word, humans review it (as in, your trusty moderators). It's the way most online communities work.

The S word is at the lower end of the profanity spectrum and generally the mods will let it slide, but if it becomes too prevalent, we WILL step in, as I have in this thread now.

Using the word in defiance of the moderators is only asking for trouble.


David, moderator


David, you're a staff... moderator too?

Well, that's a win for me. Classic four move mate :)
Oh, by the way, Dave. Did you notice how 666buffchix called me a dirty stinking ape?
Thanks for all your life lessons! You have made me a better man :)
Scotchgambit2000 wrote:

...keep harassing me in forums. They started commenting on me although I never provoked them and use conspiracy in order  to scandalize me. They are all friends with common business interest in chess  equipments and use the forum for advertising and if they find anyone whose views are different they start attacking him and scandalising him and then  with the help of their agent friend , who has admin power in  they remove and eventually delete the individual’s accounts.   They also keep discussing my nationality, country of origin, language and culture which is against Data Protection and the new GDPR.  The forum is a free place and it is noone’s monopoly. These individuals have been monopolising the forum for years and getting away with it thanks to their influencial agent friends on This is against democracy and GDPR.  They have  no right to discuss my nationality, origin, language, culture and background nor to monopolize the forum for themselves and their business interest.  

Of course, that kind of stuff, accusations without evidence, is exactly the kind of thing they don't want in the forum. You should send an email into the regular staff. (Use the Contact form in Help.)


hmmmmm i think  your right. 


Well to be fair Scotch can end all of this if he/ she just post a picture of one of the chess sets/ boards he claims to have. Instead of sounding exactly like  a former member who disparaged all but one main vendor and original Jaques Of London sets and boards.