Resolved: Screen problem!

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    For some reason when I wnat to view my online games, and games posted in forums, the pieces are replaced with question mark boxes. This has never happened before, and doesn't happen for live chess. Whats wrong?

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    Clear your cache, cookies, and any other junk food.

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    Thanks! But that only solved half of the pieces, the other half are still missing.

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    If it's your opponents' pieces that are missing I wouldn't complain..

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    What browser are you using - some work better than others on this site.
    Google Chrome is recommended for this one. 

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    I use Safari on a Mac.

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    Just found what you may be looking for - try this link:-

    It refers to  Safari so should help. Otherwise, visiting the Help & Support section seems your best bet - click on the link at the bottom of any page.

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    Yeah, OK, that cleared it up. Thanks stephen_33!

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    And ivandh!

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