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    Hello!  Just recently joined the web site.  More often than not every time I accept a challenge or start a game, the server aborts it.  You can explain why it does this and what I should do in return?  Thank you.

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    NO I can't explain it especially without knowing a thing about your OS, browser, or ISP.

    See if anything in the blog helps and it's also very possible you're experiencing a temporary glitch that will go away or "fix itself" shortly. If you can't fix it and it persists, click on Help & Support at the bottom of the page and contact the staff directly.


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    Thank you for your input!  Your 'fixing-problems' blog is really good.  I will attempt a few of these fixes beginning with cleaning my cache & also downloading a different browser.  I am currently using IE with Windows XP and AT&T DSL Lite.

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    I recommend downloading Chrome and Firefox and keeping them along with IE all up-to-date even if you only use one as a default browser (I use FF 17). This way you can always see if the same problem occurs with another browser or  not, and you've always got at least one browser working all the time if another one craps out.

    You might also prefer FF and/or Chrome to IE, which you'll still need in order to update your OS.

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    I'll follow your suggestions and download FF & Chrome and try them out.  I appreciate your help.


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