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I find the new Drills section and the ability to use workouts to practice key positions quote useful. Is it somehow possible to manually set up a position and play against the chess coach (similar to the Knight/Bishop checkmate drill only that I have placed the pieces wherever I want on the board) ?

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In the new v3 interface of I have found a way to do this.


1. Go to the Analysis board (Learn -> Analysis)

2. Set up the position

3. When you're happy with the set-up, flip the board to the side you want to play

4. Click "Finish against computer" in the bottom right corner


If you want to change the computer level, click the top right link where it says "Level X". There you can also change sides and enable coaching mode.





This does not work when you have a game in progress that matches the set-up you want to analyse happy.png


Problem I have following this instructions is once I click to set up the board and set up the board that button to finish against the computer (in the lower right) disappears.  Help.


I don't see more pieces on the right

shawnc22 wrote:

I don't see more pieces on the right


It's been bug reported.


This is fixed