slow or unable to move

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    I can't move the pieces like I could when I first signed up and payed my money

    Its like the program is over loaded 

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    Maybe your PC, OS or browser is overloaded who knows since you did not bother describing them or what type of ISP connection you have.

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    OS windows 7

    Intel Pentium Dual

    Cpu E2180 @ 2 GHz

    Memory 2 GB


    I realy like Chess Mentor

    is there some way we can use it

    I tried Chess Mentor on my wife's computer which a lot newer and better computer same ISP

    I tried opening with Google and Internet Explorer Browser What do you mean fill out a ticket? where do I get the ticket?

    I can't get Chess Mentor on my I-Phone

    Can you help me through this?

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    Click on Help & Support at the bottom of the page & you'll find a link to contact the staff directly. A "ticket" is a submission reporting something like this.

    Chess mentor just worked for me but this probably doesn't do you much good, although I'm using FF16 did you try that yet?

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    Yes I tried Fox Fire

    Thanks for myour reply

    Iam thinking its my internet speed or what ever

    there is times that Chess Mentor works for just a short while very fustrateing I really like Chess Mentor I've look for another program that does the same thing with no luck, do you know of a chess program like Chess Mentor?

    Iam going to call my internet porvider and see what they say probaly more money

    Also report this to Support

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