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Something wrong with @chess.com email?

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    The problem is that I can't send an email neither to a single recipient, nor to multiple recipients. When I press "Send mail" the following error appears:

    I tried to add recipients both manually and using "Add Recipients" menu. I separated recipients by commas (,) as it is written in the "Help" menu and then by colons (;). However an email can not be sent.

    I also tried to send an email to a @chess.com recipient from another account ( @rambler.ru). Again it cannot be sent. The following message comes in reply:

    I would like to ask other members of chess.com if they have used @chess email recently and can they send emails.

    And a question to chess.com support: can this problem be related with recent updates that are currently taking place on the site?

    Thank you

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    U get such service for being a premium member. LOL!

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    Hi Eugen,

    I've removed the email addresses from your post.

    I've looked into this for you and the person you were trying to email doesn't have an @chess.com email address. This is why it wouldn't send.

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    It is all very strange Surprised I thought that every member of chess.com has an email address that is his username@chess.com. But when I wanted to send an email to multiple recipients, there were about 7 people including this one, who doesn't have a @chess.com email address as you say. (actually I wanted to send one message to all super admins of my group),

     So does this mean that if I send an email to 10 people for example, and 1 of these 10 members doesn't have a @chess.com email address (how can this be, by the way?) - so my message will not be received by any of these 10 members?

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    A member can set up their own @chess.com email address using this page


    Its their choice if they want one or not.

    If you send any emails to a member who has 'not' set up an @chess.com account, it will bounce back and you'll see that error again.

    Also something to bear in mind, when a member sets up their @chess.com email address, what they have it as  doesn't mean it will be their username.

    So, mine in kohai@chess.com  but its my choice. If i wanted, i could have had

    me@chess.com    or 123@chess.com  for example. So assuming their username is infront of their @chess.com doesn't work sorry.

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    Ok now I understand Smile I didn't know about it really. Thank you for explaining!

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    how do i log in to my platinum account,

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    axlegrease is my old account,I was charged by direct debit for a renewal of my platinum account,without" permission" I cannot access my platinum account because my yahoo account closed for lack of use.I tried to cancel subscription through bank,I tried to send email but the catchpa thing doesnt copy and paste properly,infuriating.

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    My other username is pjpin 56.Which I want to use the same email address as the axgrease one.I have canceled this axklegrease account on numerous occasions ,but it is the only way I can get a message to somebody,how can I get on to my platinum account.?

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    Ok send me a private homepage inbox message when you're online next and I can sort this out for you.


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