STAFF - I need to report someone!


I do not know the proper procedure to report someone! but this guy needs to be removed! there are kids on this site and he is displaying pornographic pictures and vulgar talk on his profile!


Yo, I did it.  It's on the bottom of the page.


It's there.  You just had to look.


Barssok, Your message has been received! We will review it as soon as possible and reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this Ticket. Please make sure the Ticket ID (the [#***]) remains in the subject line at all times. Ticket ID: 134201 Subject: Abuse Report Department: Report Abuse Priority: Normal Status: Open You can check the status of or reply to this Ticket online at: Thank you! Support




They did it, thanks for pointing that fool out.


Well, that was quick!  Smile