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Strange time...

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    HI all, first of all thank you and congratulation for the site!
    Second, sorry for my bad english. Now my question...

    I mostly play 3 minutes games. Since yesterday (never had before such issue...) i loose on time but on strange calculation... i see - for example - timer of my opponent which is at 19 second and run very fast (and i have 40 or more seconds...) then he moves... i move and his timer start again to run from 19 seconds down, i move and have 30 secdons or more... ... server tells me i am disconnected when i relog i see again his timer going down running from 20 seconds and ... bam i loose for time! that happened to me since yesteerday (as i told) and with different players... why could i have this issue? if it would be a connection problems... why i see his time running and i see his move and i can move as well? i think i have no viruses... i have no more programs running on my puter than all the other days... 
    thanks a lot 

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    This has happened to me as well with bad connections.  When you disconnect it shows your opponents time counting down, when in reality they have moved and it has not registered with your computer.  Unfortunately, while you disconnect, your time will continue to count down until you reconnect.


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