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Stuck with a corrupt problem

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    The same problem keeps coming up, and it won't finish. Whatever I do to quit out, even killing all of Firefox via task manager, when I go back and press "start training" I get this same problem again, still with the message, "This tactic is corrupt or has problems with the PGN."

    I can't give you the problem number:  the problem hasn't finished, so its ID remains hidden.  The problem *can't* finish; I move a piece, and yet it remains my move.   Maybe you can hash to find the problem in question.  Starting position: (White) Kg1, Re1, Ph2, Pg2, Pc2, Pb2, Pa2, Pf3, Qg4, Re8; (Black) Rd8, Ph7, Pg7, Pa7, Kg6, Pb6, Qd5, Nc5, Rd1.  Black starts with the move Kg6-f7.

    This problem is like a dog with its jaws clamped on my pants cuff.   Please pull it off me.

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    This issue seems to have abated.  Is that just by chance, or did technical staff intervene?

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    SAME WITH PROBLEM ID: 0025198. It kept saying it was my move even though I moved.



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