Suggestions for new features!

Martin_Stahl wrote:
Strong_amateur_scientist wrote:

Automatic sandbagging detection


There is a process for that.

Really, because some of my oppponents do sandbagging and despite I report them, does not see anything.


But what about automatic stalling detection so that even if the stalling player is online, he loses.

Strong_amateur_scientist wrote:

But what about automatic stalling detection so that even if the stalling player is online, he loses.


Yes, there is some checks around that as well.



I think the bot especially the ai bot should be able to speak using ai and we can chat back and they will respond


Just a suggestion for the bot Oliver. I noticed all the bots say a greeting in their language, so I was thinking it would be nice if Oliver said "Dia duit" the greeting in the Irish language, since it's an endangered language, I thought it would be a nice touch.

Could you please make sure that iOS users have the same options/features as the Android users? For example, iOS users don’t have famous games (games played by former champions etc.).

Two recommendations:

1) After a game is over and while doing a game review, players have the option to go to a particular move and then “Finish vs. Computer.” I’d love to be able to:

a) “finish vs. opponent” that I played game against. So often I can’t decide between two good moves and I’d love to be able to go back and replay from a specific position. 
b) “finish vs. friend/coach” I’d love to be able to send invite to a friend or coach to start from a particular position in a completed game. 

NOTE: Both options should be unrated play

2) It would be great to have option to save a position in order to come back later and study that position. It would act almost like a screen shot and go in to a folder or tab to study later. 

3) For 1 day per move games or more, I’d appreciate being able to set a parameter (similar to setting rating parameters for an opponent) that the opponent selected be in a certain time zone or part of the world. Often I create a 1 day game at start of day to play through out the day but get paired with someone on other side of world who is going to bed soon and, thus, I can’t play that game through the day. Further, when they are up and able to play, I’m going to bed.


1 is already possible. You navigate to the position you're interested in and click the Practice vs Computer option.

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