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Surrender bug

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    Just now I was playing a live game of chess, when during my turn the app (or a bug or whatever) randomly surrendered me. I was ahead in points, and couldn't have done it by accident, as I should have accessed a menu to surrender first (in fact I wasn't even touching the screen of my iPad). This loss cost me 11 points on my rating! How did this happen, and how can I get my points back?! Did anyone else encounter this problem?


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    Since my last post, this has happened a SECOND time, and I lost 10 points again! I can post screenshots of the position I was in if necessary. I'd reeeaallly appreciate is this bug was fixed, and I'd like to get my points back as well, but maybe that's too much to ask.

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    We're aware of this issue and are very sorry that this happened. We're working our hardest and fastest to get this fixed ASAP.

    Please bear with us while we do this and again, we're very sorry that this happened.

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    Thx for the fast reaction! Good luck patching things up. Can you perhaps post here when the problem is fixed?

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    The problem has now been fixed.

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