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Tactics traimer is so slow

  • #1

    Is anyone else having trouble with tactics trainer? It has been running extremely slow for me regardless of the computer I'm using. It's not my web connection, because other pages are loading fine.

  • #2

    It may be because of the number of tactics you've completed :) You've got about 24k attempts out of 48k tactics.  It may be that the server is trying to fetch a tactic that you haven't yet completed thats still around your ratings range. 

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    Oh I didn't think of that. I know I can erase my history and start over. Would that solve the problem?

  • #4

    It may help.  However I don't want to pressure you into erasing all of your history :)

    I did have another user whose tactics didn't seem to want to load at all (They had around 35k attempts I believe).  They decided to reset their tactics history and it did seem to fix the problem.

    You might try using tactics trainer in unrated mode to see if the speed is normal.  If you're not having any problems in unrated mode then its most likely due to the number of rated tactics you've already completed.

  • #5

    Thank you for the help. I did reset my history and it is running perfectly fine.


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