Tactics Trainer Problem Difficulty

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    I like the interface on TT 

    At the moment I am still prepared to wait for improvements, which are promised

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    Is anybody else having problems with TT ?

    I am using Firefox and when I attempt to make a move it resets the problem, it will not respond, but the clock is still running ??

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    just done it again

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    and again I give up

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    I'm using Firefox, but not finding any problems with TT.

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    To be fair this was my problem with some Malware that was playing havoc with my PC took me 2 days to sort it out.

    Apologies Chess.Com

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    You might have heard about a security issue called Shellshock?

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    It won't give you puzzles your rating you have to go to settings and set a rating range

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    The problem is still unresolved. Today, for example, of 25 puzzles I got, only 2 were higher than my rating, a tiny handful was about the same and almost 20 were below my rating, at times more than 100 points.

    For the record: it's now been two years ago that this thread has been started and 9 months ago since a staff member (see post #201) promised that with the mysterious "V3" the problem will be resolved.

    BTW, quoting DeepGreene:

    "Smile Be it known (in the interest of full transparency), that the changes made in December (see post #196) are still in effect: The server is preferring tactics in a range from 60 points higher to 40 points lower than your current rating."

    This does by far not describe the actual behaviour which in reality strongly prefers problems rated considerably lower than the player's rating.

    ---One of those days where I keep asking myself whether I should renew my Gold membership next year or not.

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    I documented the subject of this thread ad nausem three years ago.


      Glad to see a little progress.

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    Once again Tactics Trainer has me tearing my hair out.

    13 correct 2 wrong net gain 40 points an average of 3 points per solution so to move up 100 points I would need 33 consecutive, no time penalty correct answers.

    When you take into account that many problems have alternate solutions just one move longer, the whole thing becomes demotivating and time wasting. I simply cannot progress to newer tactics.

    I feel like Cesiphus chained to a rock, doomed by the gods to push it uphill only for it to roll down again.

    Please look at this or lose another Chess Fan.

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    That sounds pretty unusual, I've seen the points system as slightly unfair before (particularly on the chess.com app) but never that badly. Try to remember its there to improve your tactics, not just to give you another rating.

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    It also should contain an element of motivation to train

    I renewed my last membership on the basis of a V3 fixing these problems, I am still waiting

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    Sceadungen wrote:

    I feel like Cesiphus chained to a rock, doomed by the gods to push it uphill only for it to roll down again.


    Konowing that there are titled players among the solvers, has actually helped me to disregard a problem's rating. If you wanna practice forks, pins and discoverd attacks you have to set the trainer at approx 900.

    I'm already winning much more games against local friends OTB, so at least something good comes out from doing the tac trainer

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    The 900 tactics teach you the very basics of these themes, if you want to learn how to use them in real games then up to ~2000 is more useful. These will teach you to recognise when such tactics cam be applied in more complicated situations etc. Basically 90 mwon't cut it at a stronger level

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