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the rattiest rat

  • #1

    see   its like i was telling u before i just simply went to another web site n came back n im on vacation, go figure.

    its not right.

  • #2

    Welcome back Rat.

  • #3


     well hello mrs. ruby can i take u somewhere a ride, grocery store, a movie, dinner, danceing etc etc etc seriously all jokes aside ur a breath of fresh air.

    oh n ruby r u bobbys daughter 

  • #4

    Lol, like it. You helped me out there, now if I beat a smart @rse I can send a message saying "Ruby Dooby Doo".

    Sadly that doesn't happen too often.


    No, not related to Bobby.

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  • #6

    Maybe if we go to the grocery store I could get some Ruby Snax?

  • #7

    im very sry ruby i said those things, im realy not like that i guess i was just in 1 of those moods, please forgive me n accept my appology please, realy ur to nice of a person to be talked to n done that way n i admitt that im not so intelligent of a guy like these guys but even i know i was wrong.

  • #8

    What are you apologising for Rat? That was the nicest thing anyone ever wrote to me on here.

    Only thing is I dont really want to go to a grocery store, spend enough time in those.... maybe thats what your apologising about?

    I like Ruby Dooby Doo, might even change my username.

    Yours Ruby 

  • #9

    @maxedoubt - nice pics.

    @Dr. Spudnik - how can I download that as a ring tone? Is it possible?

  • #10

    It's youtube site says it is a ringtone. But, I have never downloaded a ringtone, so I'm not the person to ask about these things. Embarassed

  • #11

    No, I can't see how to do it either. Thanks anyway

  • #12

    You might just go to google and type in scooby doo ring tone and you'll get tons of hits. Laughing

  • #13

    Yeah, I tried but can't find one as funny as the one you posted.


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