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Time cheaters !

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    How it is possible to use something like that ? i played with a guy from Spain, bytheway his name is  [this is not the venue to discuss cheating]  and when i was in advantage tricked me with that crap.

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    It's not time cheating, it's lag correction.

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    In addition, if you're accusing an opponent of cheating then you must not name them in a public forum !

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    Not their fault that you lost too quickly. 

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    I can understand that it might appear as if someone is cheating, and so I can understand your frustration, but it really is a problem with lag. Many seem to have experienced this at some point in games, including me Yell

    Like yourself I did question whether someone was rigging the game somehow, but after a little research found that the problem was really at my end as time correction kicked in.

    Hope that helps.

    P.s I also hope you now remove the players name Smile

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    *A Mod should remove the name*

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    Time cheaters. Maybe they all walked out of that 1981 Sean Connery film:

    Time Bandits.

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