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Tournament disappeared

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    I created a tournament a couple of months ago. It was an invitation only tourney. In order to get invited, you needed to go through clasifying tourneys. After all this trouble, a few days from the start with just one player missing, the tournament disappeared!!!! Is there some kind of time out for not yet started tournaments? Why did it disappear?

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    Yup. That's just what happened to me. Infuriating! Yell

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    Hey Huanco, I was just wondering the same thing. I try to find that tournament of masters to see how it is going because I advanced from group B. So are we going to have a tournment of Knockout masters or no? Thank you by the way for creating this. Even if we don't have, it was still a lot of fun.

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    Hi, it was indeed fun. I was waiting for an answer from Chess.com, but it seems we won't have any, so I'll just go ahead and recreate the tournament.

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    I am wondering the same thing since I just noticed that all the tournaments that I had created that were not yet started have disappeared.

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    Easier said than done, my timeout ratio has soared to 18% and can't host a torunament until I get it under 15%. These no-vacations-fast-knockout tournaments have taken its toll...

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    I see. So I am glad we found out the reason for why the tournaments you guys kindly hosted have disappeared. Huanco, I am also a diamond member and if you want I can always make the masters knockout tournament. I just think it is better if you do it because you started the whole thing. I can do the tournament but only you want me too.

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    someone needs to take this directly to a chess.com staff cause it sounds serious

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    I reported this to tech support.

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    Thanks for the proposal, IWK, really appreciate it. Please let me see if tech support can help or not before taking you up on thIs. Keep you guys posted!

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    Ok, I finally got an answer from tech support:

    If a tournament doesn't start after 90 days, it is removed and cannot be restored.

    IWK: I'll send you a private message about your proposal.

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    Okay sounds great Huanco I'll be waiting for the message.

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    Hi, I joined a Deutschland tourney with a 24 hour time control to begin around Feb 15, but can't find it anywhere now.  Has it been cancelled?

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    My tournament (Queen's Indian - Fianchetto/Nimzowitsch Variation) has disappeared yesterday... Frown

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    huanco wrote:

    Ok, I finally got an answer from tech support:

    If a tournament doesn't start after 90 days, it is removed and cannot be restored.


    I think we should complain to the chess.com staff about this rule. It's really unfair that people are losing their tournaments. Maybe instead, if NO ONE joins a tournament after like 4 months it gets deleted, but if say, 20 people register, then it doesn't get deleted for like a year. What do you guys think?

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    Yes, I think the cut off should be based on the time since the last member joined, so let's say if no one joined for 3 months, then remove it...

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    Yeah, it makes more sense...

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    Hey Huanco I'm still waiting for a private message. ;)

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    Sorry about that!!!

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    It's alright don't worry about it.


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