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two players using the same computer.

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    A friend of mine (username noxie) has opened an account on chess.com and we sometimes play from the same computer. Do we risk an accusation of having multiple accounts?

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    You just might... they are hush hush about how they know... but they know... dut dut daaaa!!!

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    Tracking an IP address is easy.

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    People regularly flaunt their multiple accounts here in the forums.  You don't have anything to worry about.

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    This is 5+ years ago, gen pop has no idea what is an IP address. 

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    Just how exactly do people "flaunt" multiple accounts? 

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    What do you mean?

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    Which comment? 

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    You said "people regularly flaunt their multiple accounts". Could you please elaborate on this rather wild accusation? 

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    It seems pretty straightforward.  Do you work for Chess.com?

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    Absolutely not. Why are you so paranoid? Just looking for an example of someone flaunting. 

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    You wanted me to name specific individuals?

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    are you also exactly20character? 

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    No I just don't see people outing themselves as having multiple accounts, or saying "I'm this person AND this person" etc etc. 

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    You found posts from that guy in the two days you've been here?

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    Speculative! Conjecture! 

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    I saw him post I saw his posts before. I assumed it was your sock puppet. 

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    I haven't made any yet.  Do you have any tips for me?


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