unable to load chess board

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    Are you not able to view any boards? Or is this happening in only one area of the site, online chess, vs computer, live, etc?

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    Would it be possible to show a screenshot of what you see?

    There is a guide on how to take a screenshot here: 


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    Can you try clearing your browsing data to see if that helps at all?

    Have you made any changes to your setup that may have sparked the issue?

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    This is NOT my area of expertise, so I'm just grasping at straws.

    You could ensure that you've installed the latest version of Java. (I'm not a fan of using Java, but if you're going to use it, make sure it's up to date.)

    Maybe things are timing out before everything can load. You might try installing the AdBlock Plus and/or NoScript plugins for your browser. That might filter out some of the crap that gets loaded. (By default, NoScript disables all Javascript, so you'll have to manually enable some Javascript to get your Chess.com games to work. Use trial-and-error to determine what needs to be enabled.) I'd be surprised if this works. but if you're at your wit's end, it might be worth trying.

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    Oh, and regarding NoScript: To log into Chess.com, I only have to enable two scripts: "chess.com" and "chesscomfiles.com".

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