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Unable to report tactics problem

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    Tactics trainer problem 21593 has two transposing solutions on the second move but the Report Problem flag is missing.

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    It is arrogant for the moderators to remove the Report Problem flag. They are so brilliant that they no longer need to listen to anyone else?

    It so happens there is no Analysis & Source for this problem. Makes me wonder how much effort when into "confirming" that this problem is correct.

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    Thank you DarkPhobos. I have now removed this Tactics problem as it does include a multiple solution.

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    You should review problem 25346 again. A double solution was apparently "fixed" two years ago and the flag removed. But now a new double solution 1. ... Be3 has been reported by litvak in the problem comments.

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    I realize this thread is old, but as far as I am concerned still relevant. I can't see a way to report a problem. For instance, take a look at problem 0432835, which has gotten a bunch of comments. First of all, it should end earlier and secondly, it ends with a move made by the opponent, which makes no sense.

    Could someone please allow us to report issues with the tactics problems or point me somewhere where I can?



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