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unlink facebook

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    Please remove the facebook link for 'darthduck'. I changed my account to worldthought_com. No matter how many time I delete chess.com app via Facebook, it will not let me relink my Facebook to my newer account.


  • #42


    Hi! Can you please send me a message with your facebook profile URL? Thank you!

  • #43

    I'm having trouble unlinking a chess account from Facebook also. Why's there no option for this?

  • #44

    I want to link this account but keep receiving The current Facebook session is tied to another Chess.com account already! after deleting the app from my Facebook account already! Any help please?

  • #45

    Hi! Can you please send me a message (not post on this forum, but by visiting my profile) with your facebook profile URL? Thank you!

  • #46

    Hi, I want to unlink my account from Facebook, can anyone do it for me? My Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/alaa.wadi.71

  • #47

    Are you able to unlink my facebook account with chess.com. I no longer want my facebook account linked with chess.com. Thanks 

  • #48

    Im trying to unlink my account off of facebook, can you please help?

  • #49

    How do i unlink my old facebook account? I really want to connect my acoount to my current FB account

  • #50

    please unlink my account from fb.

    my username is "antemijoc"

    e-mail: "mijoc.ante@gmail.com"

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