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will someone kindly explain to me why some members lose their rates soon after signing up (I was 1300-1450 for my first 4 games, then the information disappeared) ? There were several threads about this issue in the past, but no clear answer.

It is a pain to show up as "unrated" in Online games as some players probably discard one when unsure of their opponent's level. Too risky I guess.

Please help, thank you.

This problem has now been solved, thank you !


(unrated) shows when the member has played more unrated than rated games. Once the next rated game is complete the ratings will show.

Basically, each player starts at 1200. As you win and lose games your rating will go up and down. The degree of change is determined by the difference between your rating and your opponent's - as well as by each player's Rating Deviation (RD).


The Rating Deviation is an index of the accuracy of your rating given the amount of game data it's based on:  It's a margin of error. (If your RD is high, it means a bigger margin of error.)

When you haven't played many games, your rating can move up and down quickly. Similarly, your rating moves less when playing an opponent with a high rating deviation because his or her true rating is less certain.

Of course, as you play more and more, your rating will become more accurate and less volatile.

How ratings work

Thanks, i have read all possible threads and explanations on the website, as well as this automatic response... Thanks all the same for your answer. Unrated shows only on Online games, not on my Live games, which have all been rated games. I am rated there My concern is that is that Unrated players have less of a chance to be selected by others for ONLINE games if they cannot tell how good/weak the possible opponent is. I have seen quite a few posts about this issue, so this is something not quite clear to all...

sounds reasonable.


can someone explain to me. when  how after you put an open challenge out for a  specific rating range you get a player who is unrated but has a rating when you look up their previous games.


Bobby, you can get an unrated player eventhough you dpecified a rating range for an open challenge if in your settings you have accepted to play a certain number of unrated players (this quite a recent feature, and also the reason why I edited my first post with the remark 'This problem has been solved').

As for the rating on previous games, are you sure those games are of the same type as the one you have challenged the player to ? A member may be rated for online games but not for live ones if s/he has not played a sufficient numbervof them. I am still unrated for 960 games for example.


epoqueepique thanks for responding. You are correct my mistake the player was ated on something else.And, I will check all my settings Thanks again!!


Glad I could help, bobby