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Vacation time triggered uneccessarily

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    Woke up this morning to find games paused. 2 games claimed ~ 90 minutes left each. This was unexpected - I thought I had ~ 24 hours left.

    When I unpaused the games to make my moves, they indeed show as having 23 hours left.

    Please explain this bug, and recredit the 1 day vacation time that appears to have been deducted without just cause.



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    When your automatic timeout protection is activated as a premium member 24 hours is taken from your vacation bank, and you're put on vacation.  So when you come back from vacation to make a move, the 24 hours is added back on to your game clock.  So your game did correctly display the 90 minutes, its just that when you came off of vacation, your time had been updated :)

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    Thanks for your quick response. However, that is not the behaviour that I've experienced before, and I believe I've used vacation time enough to spot what appears to be an anomally :-(

    Is there any way I can review when my moves were made?

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    Unfortunately we don't have timestamps. I've added a day of vacation to your vacation bank. Please let me know if you see the problem on any other games. 

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    Thank you.


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