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    I am a relatively new member.

    Where co I click in to register, that I am

    going on vacation?

  • #2

    Can you rephrase the question? I have no idea what you are asking.

  • #3

    What do you do, when you go on vacation.

    Do you inform all he players of the games you play,

    or do you register it somewhere?

    I have to go for 3 days to Berlin,

    because my brother is in hospital there, and I do

    not know, if I can get to a computer.

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    at "MY HOME"  drag down to the bottom "MY ACCOUNT"  then click on "MY ONLINE CHESS SETTINGS" 

    vacation time is at the bottom

  • #5

    Thank you.

  • #6

    Dont tell her!!! I will Win!!!!

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    oh me too really didnt know it.then a couple of lost ived made


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