I have been playing so much that I'm burnt out.  I want to take vacation time.  But I am in a no vacation tournament.  Is there a way to play the games in the tournament, but be on vacation in the rest of my games?


Depends how much vacation time you have banked. One trick: You can go on vacation for an hour, then turn off vacation. This has the effect of deduction a full day (24 h) from your vacation bank but *adding* 23 hours (24 deducted less the single hour you were on vacation) to your regular games so you can keep ignoring them. But make moves in your other tourneys anyways. It's like giving yourself extra time on regular games. If you have 10 days vacation you get 10 free days of moves.

Warning: people will hate you for doing it, and probably think you're cheating the system, but it's the way the site works.