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Where are the variations in chess tutor?

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    Please, I need help, maybe the answer is in front of me and I can´t find it, the tutors time to time tells you to check the variations, but I can´t find it, the analysis board don´t shows anything more than the board (maybe here is the problem, I don´t know) I i can´t find where can I check these variations. Well, thanks for the help anyone who could help whit this. P.C.

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    So you are asking about the Chess Mentor, right?  Erik purchased an existing program called Chess Mentor, upgraded the graphics and incorporated it into chess.com.  About 40% of the original content remains and some of the very earliest courses refer to variations that simply are no longer there. Hope that answers your question.

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    Actually, I think the "variations" are there; they've just been separated into their own lessons.  This might be hard to determine if you've only done the "adaptive" lessons (or whatever they're called).  If you do the "sequential" lessons, the variations tend to be the lesson immediately after the one that mentions them.

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    Thank you guys! I supposed it was something like that! I´m really growing whit this tool. Cheers! and see ya next time.


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