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Why can't I chat in live chess?

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    Hi, for the past month or so I haven't been able to chat in live chess. It allows me to type in the window but when I press enter to submit it nothing happens. The only exception was when I was playing against a friend of mine - and even in his case the first game wouldn't let me chat but the later games did. What is going on?


    90% of my chat is just a simple "gg" so I don't think I'd be chat banned.

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     Maybe in live chess settings, you set "Game Chat" to "Friends only"?

  • #3

    I have the same problem, even after checking the setting of 'Game Chat'

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    Many people disable chat, I do. Then you cannot chat no matter what your settings are.

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    I've got chat set to everyone, maybe it was their chat disabled. Does it let you type it in the box still?

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    Yes, I can type in the box, but I cannot send anything. I do not like chatting during a game, but saying something at the end feels to me like the handshake at the end of a game OTB.

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    yeah, I am having the same problem lately



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