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    Finally finally i have passed the 1500 mark in Live Blitz chess. It took me over a year with very light study but Im looking forward to getting over 2000 here over the next 6 months to a year. Hopefully i can throw a CM or FM Title in there somewhere while im at it! Man this is exciting!

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    Ah, the optimism of youth...

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    Youth? Man im 26

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    1500 in a year? You know 0-1500 is not such a big step comparing to 1500-2000. 

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    Yeah but im talking about i was one of the worst chess players on Earth a year ago and i would go sometimes 5 or 6 days without so much as looking at a chess board so due to the time given its good. ill top 2000 just give me time

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    Congrats on reaching your milestone. Maybe you should give yourself a bit more time for 1500 to 2000, though, at least if you keep going as you have thus far.

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    test out different openings

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    real mature

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    ChessStudent1986 wrote:

    Youth? Man im 26

    now THAT is funny!

    "Stop saying I'm tense, Dammit! And go get me a valium!"

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    ok, ur not to tense ur a lil distaught

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    Thank you Zen

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    Not on this site to make any friends. Im on it to use people to get better. And i stay in Southwest Fort Worth so im not going all the way to Dallas to play OTB chess with anyone.

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    I also live in SW FW and I went to an OTB tournament in Watauga. They have regular tournaments for cash. I finished 2nd out of 10 players with +2-0=1 and won $35 (EF $20) so it is well worth your time.

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    ChessStudent1986 wrote:

    " Im on it to use people to get better. "

    Quite a humanitarian, I see! 

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    best of luck Legitimate

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    These you left on your home page:

    i think your mother didint teach you good manners.

    by den_reyes86 33 hours ago

    chess Student you are a very poor looser leaving the game without resigning

    by Iamnotaqueen 3 days ago

    Maybe you should work on sportsmanship instead of worrying about your rating. No one will remember your rating. People will remember this kind of stuff for years.

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    I agree.  That's what ShadowKnight was getting at too.  What do you expect from someone that doesn't care about sportsmanship; someone that seems to think his opponents are merely to be "used" to further his own experience.

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    Then of course there was EightPackKilla's:  "You really suck." Laughing

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    What goes around...

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