Abandoned game?!


How white won this game? It said that I abandoned game, but I had great connection (on my laptop, maximum, 4 lines graphically), and most certainly I haven't abandoned that game. 

I also can't get engine analysis of that game.

Strange, but I beg chess.com moderators to have a look at this, I don't want this game to be counted as a loss of mine, when it certainly isn't.


i think some server problem


Then, call it a draw, at least.


Again the same problem in this game: https://www.chess.com/live/game/6301483267

Can anyone from chess.com adress this problem? It is really iritating me, I am on the edge of quitting playing on chess.com just because of this.
I play 30 minute games, and imagine how iritating is this thing happening after nearly an hour of playing game.

Solve this problem or, if you are not able, just give me my rating points back, call these games a draws.


Won't play on chess.com for a while for sure, **** this thing.

It is a known problem on chess.com that the clock sucks. Oh beg your pardon: it is the server connection. Your connection. It always fails when it wants to stay connected. At least with chess.com. And it is completely normal that meanwhile every other site works perfect. No reason to worry or to suppose that it might have to do something with chess.com. So just pay, don’t play.

I'm having the same problem for days now also. Have never had before in four years.


Hi guys, what do you suggest doing? It just happened to me and it sucked extra hard because I'm a really nervous player in general, so the one time I get the guts to play and then that sad.png Is there anything I can do?

Just abandoned again a bulletmatch because using online premoves I lost 5 sec on 4 moves. Unplayable here.

This just happened to me.  I have 200mbps internet and I'm literally next to my router with great connection, and I was dinged 8 points and kicked off my game.  

Maybe we should stop playing bullet on lag.com
Experiencing lag now. All other sites function perfect. So lag.com will be sure it’s my connection wich fails. Logical.
You can check if they’re down on https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/chess.com.html#fb-root

Powiem wam że się uczę. Przesyłam dla polaków

I t happened to me to
Lag.com strikes again. Bullet is unplayable. Bilichess works fine meanwhile.