Arrow Features don't work on Mac


I've seen multiple threads that say it is possible to use arrows and highlight squares on LiveChess just by using the right click and dragging (as well as using Ctrl or Alt to use a different color). However, I find that this only works on Internet Explorer or my Windows, but not my Mac. I want to stream my LiveChess games using my Mac. Is there a workaround? Or am I the only one experiencing the problem?

Thank you ahead of time. 


I can draw arrows in my daily games by clicking and sliding two fingers across the trackpad. Clicking two fingers highlights a square red.


Is there any solution to this in MAC?

barbaricbishop wrote:

Is there any solution to this in MAC?

First, make sure the arrows are enabled in the live chess settings. Maybe the switch was cleared.

Try playing with "Play > Play". The arrows don't seem to work for me with "Play > Live Chess".

Also, make sure your using the correct right-click method. It is selected in your Mac's trackpad settings (two fingers or bottom right corner of trackpad or bottom left corner of trackpad).


I figured it out! hahahaha I was having this problem as well on mac with my trackpad as well. so when you use two fingers to tap and see the red square, that means you are almost there. All you have to do is do two fingers and push in and while pushing in on the track pad, drag and you will make the arrows. I found a clue here


It worked for me! All you have to do is to go to Live Chess settings, on the command, 'Right Button Draw Arrows and Highlights' and once you wanna use the arrows, on the right side of the trackpad, use two fingers to draw arrows. Thanks to @duebstep for this!


what about on a desktop


Not really sure as I use Mac


I think it is very simple with desktop as you just need to enable the settings in Live Chess through settings and draw through mouse with right click.


You can change mac settings to use right click, as well as apple mouse so you are able to cancel premoves and draw arrows that way if you change the settings

greengrassus,the%20desktop%2C%20or%20another%20item. This link will help you figure out how to draw arrows on Mac.