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Blitz Ratings?

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    Is it just me, or are blitz ratings deflated here?

    I've seen a lot of people with 1300 blitz ratings and 1600+ online ratings.

    What do you think and why is this (not) the case?

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    There are some people like me who royally stink at Blitz

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    im ~1500 in blitz and 1630 in online

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    how is it i beat sum 1 but he still won points

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    blitz is a fun game but it can hurt your normal game

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    I think maybe a lot of people on here don't play that often on this particular website, so they end up being way better than presented. For instance, I play on chesscube.com all the time, and on the chess cup website, on Chesscube i'm 1790~ and on chess cup i'm 1810~ but on here, i'm 1300 =) lol I only play on here when i'm at work though.

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    As pepePotato says, blitz can hurt your long game, but if you are recovering from a brain injury like a stroke, it can facilitate your recovery (if you can stand playing 700 chess for a while).  I lost about 40 IQ points and got a good chunk of it back blitzing.


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