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Bullet chess

  • #1

    Who here likes bullet chess? I know i sure do...let me know if you do to...maybe we can play a game.

  • #2

    You can't find any open seeks (for bullet TL)  the same way everyone else does? 

  • #3

    yes i can...i jjust want to see if anyone out there likes bullet chess.

  • #4

    people who have open seeks probably do.

  • #5

    what is bullet chess //

  • #6

    in live chess...you usually have 1 min...either you checkemate your opponent or they run out of time to win

  • #7

    > 1 million members of chess.com like bullet, make your choice

  • #8

    Bullet rocks!

  • #9

    I like only lightning chess

  • #10

    never herd of bullet chess before

  • #11

    I haven't heard of bullet chess either. I think he means bullet.

  • #12

    i started with corr. chess, then blitz. now bullet is the only thing that does not bore me. a decision made in max. 2 min. is perfect

  • #13

    I love bullet!

  • #14
    lordsearcher wrote:

    Who here likes bullet chess?

    Not me.

  • #15

    I like bullet chess a lot.

  • #16

    How exactly does the timer work in bullet pls? i watched and played several games and i have a feeling that sometimes it adds you a second or even two after you make a move. Should I go to a schrink or it is only bugged java or you get some extra time in some cases?


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