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bunch of cheaters in this site

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    345678910 Are the admins supposed to be  monitoring thousands of games here simultaneously? I think not. You can complain about suspected cheaters directly to the staff here, I presume they'll start watching someone after getting "x" of complaints and maybe their anti-cheating software also automatically picks up on some cheaters, but this is only a guess on my part.

    Could you pls provide some evidence that "almost everyone here +2300 are cheaters?" or are we supposed to just take your word for it? Although it is nice to know that someone who joined 2 days ago is already so knowledgable about this site.

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    I like bananas

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    The solution: Play lower rated people in bullet or don't play bullet at all.

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    Naming and shaming?

    In before the lock!

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    What's your hurry here's your hat - don't let the door hit you on the way out - come back when you have less time to visit 

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    You should contact admins directly as Nimzo suggested (http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/124/0/cheaters--cheating-what-you-need-to-know) - mentioning it here won't accomplish anything, make a report as per the instructions on this link.

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    RoseQueen1985 is that you ?? Kiss  so sorry i forgot my medication !!   Tongue out  WHAT

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    Cheaters? What about the bathrooms at this site?! Seriously, I had to wait in front of the "When I am hungry" thread for 20 minutes before I was able to find my vicodin!

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    In Memoriam- PrawnEatsPrawn

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