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chess computer draw offer

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    just curious if this is the norm.

    i accidentally clicked on the computer in the live chess and decided what the hell i'll play it. in the endgame, i was up a minor piece and had a pretty easy win imho. then the computer offered me a draw??

    is this normal for the computer to offer a draw in a losing position? it's annoying enough when real people do that. now the comp does it as well?

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    lol I never get that far so no idea :)

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    Sounds strange Trigs. Are you sure it's the computer? Have you asked support?

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    heh yeah it was the computer. here's a link to the actual game (no chat though).


    EDIT: draw was offered around 18th-20th move.

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    Schachgeek wrote:

    I doubt one of the live chess computers would offer a draw in a lost position, maybe it saw something you didn't?

    The one game I drew vs. Computer hard the material was even but there were pawn imbalances, when I offered the draw (and it accepted) it could have played on I think.

    I've also noticed computer easy, medium and hard do not resign. Even when you have three Queens.

    yes this is quite possible, yet it went on to lose without much effort even if it saw this potential draw.

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    Yes, it happens sometimes. I was playing with EASY-Computer, and in the end have another blunder and sacrificed my Queen. Computer offered me a draw immediately!



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    I played comp 4 impossible today, position was closed and pretty much draw after move 30, offered many draws but comp just trolled me until move 302 when it offered draw.Crazy.



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