ratings are deflated against USCF

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    Yeah but they are still deflated in comparison to USCF.  That much is certain.

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    deathstroke2611 wrote:

    i am 1100 hundred otb 1540 does that makeouts something like that uscf average is lower that the international average(sorry mod but why do you only block comments about your nationality i have never seen you block commments like indians stink etc etc .though back to the topic maybe that is because of india has tougher competion and population.

    You are1192 Fide, and thats another scale than Uscf.

    Comparing  your ratings you probably are close to me in strenght, which is 1435 Fide.  When Norwegian players plays abroad, I think we are getting cheap ratingpoints in Denmark and Sweden, and it looks like India is much tougher. Are there many  kids coming up in India? When the kids are coming, the ratingpoints gets more difficult to catch, because they are coming from below and are bringing less points to the board than they are taking home.

    Norway has more kids coming up than Sweden and Denmark, because of the Magnus-popularity. Therefore we are underated compared to them.

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    India and China are FIDE rating black holes.

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