's First Master Play Death Match-LIVE


Anyone else think it's a little cruel of Erik to make Danny and David duke it out for their Christmas bonus.....LOL.  Seriously though, what openings do you think we'll see the most?  David loves the KIA, but what about Danny?  The Scotch maybe?  Who will win?  The seconds are counting down...

--a wrote:

I think it's cruel to have people watch bullet chess for three hours. 

Schadenfreude sells.

I'm not sure it's true Schadenfreude when the observers are suffering as much as the participants.  Never thought an encounter between David and Danny would be this boring.  I knew that they would be playing real chess rather than some of the common bullet "wood pushing" strategies, and was looking forward to seeing the match, but I severely overestimated my ability to keep up with what is going in that short a time.  The bugginess of the production didn't help either.  Maybe 5 minute blitz is a better format.  Guess I'll go back and check on them; an hour into it they were both looking pretty wiped out.


Lol. I saw gmjovin and jdlee play non-stop 1|0 for about 5 hours today, without any prizes at the end.