Connection Problems


Maybe someone can help me: In the last 3 days i got disconnected from the live server twice and were not able to reconnect for some time. My Internet connection was fine (I  loaded several other pages succesfully).

If I do nothing the "trying to reconnect" screen will stay. If I reaload the page it won't load as if I would have no Internet connection. And one time I got the live page to load but got an error message like "the live severs are currently not available".

Has anyone experienced similar issues or has an Idea what I can try to fix it the next time it occurs?

Thanks :)


See also

I asked for a member in that thread to provide proof that more members are experiencing random server disconnects. And he delivered:

And since that thread was 3 days ago, I assume that you have been experiencing the same problems as they did. Whether the problem is resolved, I do not know. Also, you can't really do much about it, as it is server sided. Nevertheless, you would still help (and indirectly yourself) by reporting these kind of problems, like you did now Wink.


Thanks a lot.


server can be very slow at times. very frustrating. can't move my pieces and causes problematic gameplay. it is as if java had a redrawing problem.


I have been disconnected several times and it usually takes time to get reconnected. This is not of my doing but my games were restricted and Ihave no recourse to explain. Not fair!


I have been disconnected CONSTANTLY !!

Just ONE example: I have lost a couple games recently because I had to reload the page about two times per move--2 reloads for each of my moves and 2 reloads per opponents move. 

Now the moves are really lagging or my pieces aren't moving when I move them so I THINK they are not being manipulated. When I unclick the mouse to try and wait for page, it shows me my piece was moved where I could not see it during the lag. Ahhhh !!! 

So frustrating the lag time and disconnects. And then being told PLEASE DO NOT DISCONNECT THE GAMES??? I'm not... lol
The game is disconnecting ME... sheeeesh... so bad I haven't wanted to play... was trying to find another site because I can't deal wth the frustration


The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

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it tells me something is wrong with my connection. Well newsflash! Something is wrong with flipping live chess!


I would go as far as FICS after some time. Given they stolen three memberships over the years without me noticing, would be enough to start working towards better software. Bug is buggy as hell. I always lose for coming late to the game (talking rating points) other people are resigning or losing game one by one and never get ratty punished. Something should be done about this..



I've just lost two games in a row on time due to screen freezes and drop outs.


 please open my connection.. honestly i don't have enough money to upgrade become premium... thanks alot....... happy.png








please open my connection.. honestly i don't have enough money to upgrade become premium... thanks alot....... happy.png


Will have to give up  It is becoming impossible to play because unable to move for what seems hours.  I have a good internet connection and plenty of memory, so it has to be the Server.


I just lost a game, because the server lost connection. I had no problem connecting to website or any other server, just the live connection was lost. I had no background downloads. Nothing unusual.


sam p'roblem here


Happens to me on a semi regular basis.  And yes usually the internet connection is fine.  I sometimes play unrated training games and it occasionally happens to my opponent.  It is frustrating to lose in a winning position even while up on time.


i feel unpaid members are being automatically disconnected in between a running game by the server.

tanwartanya1 wrote:

i feel unpaid members are being automatically disconnected in between a running game by the server.


The only part a basic membership has to play is that there is an additional load of the advertisements.


Since this is an older topic, I'll throw in the standard reply and a link to the newer settings that might improve connectivity for some people, if you are using the website:


This happens to me on a regular basis, though seems to recover quicker when I enter site through Google Chrome.


happens everytime, hence my low score