Could This Happen to You If You Play Black?


June 25, 2012 posted.

On my first game I played White in the Geezer vs the Phoenix match.  

After my last move # 15. Bg5+ shown, black resigned.  

Unfortunatelly he never started the second game and forfeited on time.

There were other moves that Black could have made that would have allowed the game to continue further.


Wow, Denver, that was quite a game!

AcivilizedGentleman wrote:

It's just a shame that after 4...g6 black is winning.

Hi Kamalakania and Acivilize:

Yep. You are correct.  after  g6 move no matter what I had done he could have developed his Queen, Bishop and his knight all around him. I thought that with his rating he would not have let this happen.

With my sacrifice I expected to get several pawns maybe and disrupt his castling. That I would have been happy with. I would have returned and focus on my development and I would have castled.

Thanks for the comment.



First suggestion for all players to prevent a sacrifice and an/or  early attack by the Queen on f7 is for Black to develop the King's knight.

1. e4   e5 This is a normal response for Black.

2. Bc4 This bishop is already aiming toward the f7 square at the pawn that only the king defends.

There are several accepted methods to DEFEND and develop your pieces. Since white didn't attack the e5 pawn, maybe you can attack his e4 pawn with.

2. ....  Nf6  Now this stop the queen from checking if the Bishop sacs on the f7 pawn and attacks the white kings pawn. White will probably defend develop with Nc3 or with the pawn D3 and opening the diagonal for the Bishop.

2. ....  Nc6 It defends indirectly by supporting the e5 pawn in case the Bishop is sacrificed. 

3.  Bxf7+   Kxf7. Takes the bold Bishop.

4.  Qh5+   e6  Blocks the Queen check & stops attack.

5.  Qf3+   Nf6 Blocks and develops. Black should now develop push d6 to open the diagonal for his light bishop 

 So don't have to worry much if the Sacrifice is made on you. But I will still will try it on you if I can.

Bye for now.



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