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Draw games

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    why do my games always seem to end in a draw, more often than not, when my opponent loses on time? I have had it happen with both of us having more than enough to get the job done, with 3 queens, with multiple pawns, rooks, any miriad of checkmateable piece combinations on either side of the fence, and then when the opponent runs out of time (my winning!) the computer declares it a draw. How? I won on time!

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    You probably have insufficient mating material, which means that by no means can you possibly win unless your opponent resigns. This is a standard rule that is considered a draw in most, if not all, chess rules.

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    But that is what I am saying, there is indeed enough there for a mate to occur. I ran an opponent who had three queens out of time, and it was considered a draw, insufficient material. But the game was over, I won on time. why would it be declared a draw if one of us runs out of time? I have had many many situations where I out maneuvered a well armed opponent, and when the time ran out, it was a draw. If one has a queen, or a rook, horse and a bishop, surely you should have had the tools necessary to mate me. But if you run out of time before the draw is declared, it should be a win, under those circumstances. It happens to me a lot.

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    Hilarious! You keep losing all your pieces, but you think you should get the winLaughing

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    The idea is that given an unlimited amount of time, you could never win with just a king. So you get a draw.

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    I just had a draw, where I had the preponderance of pieces, including a rook, a bishop, and several pawns. My opponent moved approx. 5 times from the point I took his last piece. He ran out of time--DRAW by stale mate. Stalemate? He moved 5 times as a king only, and I had ample pieces to mate.

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    Stalemate is when a player whose turn it is to move can make no legal moves. In this case, the game is always considered a draw. Observe the following examples:


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    whats this for?


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    In the last game you played, you ran into a draw because your opponent had NO LEGAL MOVES.


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    I had a game that was drawn by stalemate, and I had plenty of pieces with which to mate, and the opponent was reduced to a sole king, could still move, ran out of time, and it was drawn; stalemate. he had only been a solo king for 6 moves. It happened yesterday.

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    No. In your only draw yesterday the opponents king could not move.

    No squares to go to, not in check, stalemate:

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    Same as this game of mine, if I promote to queen, it’s stalemate.




    You need to always give their king a square to go to if they aren’t in check and they can’t move other pieces.



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    19 days and you still haven't learnt the draw rule?

    Anyone would think you didn't want to... Undecided

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    OH I know the rule. 

    Just wondering why this is still occurring.

    Next time it does, I will include a screen shot, I assure you.

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    I saw your previous drawn games. No need for a screenshot, all is fine.

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    the last one is nota draw!

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    You really need to work on your technique. Don't just check mindlessly, cut squares off.


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