Fakes on chess

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    I Dont think we have fakes. I do think there are cheaters  we cant help that.Its what thay do .hopefuly when caught they will be outa here >>>>>   Ny

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    Aren't cheaters fakes in a sense? They use engines, and so appear to better players than they really are.

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    Pretty much everything I do on here is fake.  I am in fact made up of a different substance than lego, and I don't sail the high seas looking for bountiful treasures.

    Sorry to disappoint, guys.

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    It should come as no surprise to anyone.  I mean, you declare it right in your user name.

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    It seems there are some who use an engine for the entire game and others once they get in difficulty I just don't understand why!

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    Kjetteren  says He Dont no why. I cant even understand how.. whatever How about a good game of chess  ????? Ny

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    Just enjoy! For what is reality but a moment in time or its all just in the mind. An old friend send this video to me! Its not about chess, but a moment in someone's mind that they put to video using outstanding graphics to make it seem real. We all had moments in a game of chess where we saw a series of moves and reacted, sometimes we play them well and sometimes we fail. But its the effort that counts, right! :-) I don't use chess engines as its a takes the fun away of trying to archive a well played game on "my own efforts of self study and research". :-)

    See "Nuit Blanche - Arev Manoukian"!  Excellent video of a moment in two people's mind or course credit "Internet, youtube.com, chess.com and person's the made video, to get here. :-)

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    What's the difference between playing against a chess engine or computer. Not much ! I'm proud to say that win or lose, it's just me and my beer playing. Nothing more and nothing less. Winning at all cost is not winning at all !

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    There are differences.  If I wanted to play against an engine I'd install one.

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