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Getting Restricted

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    I have a question about is it good to restrict a person for having a screwed up internet connection. I play live chess and because of my internet i get disconnected in some of my games and i loose those games on time. And for that now i am getting messages that i will be restricted, isn't there a way to know whether the person is actually doing it by purpose or has a stupid internet connection like mine??

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    Heres chess.com info on the matter:


    also if you are finding your connection poor, then please ensure you are not downloading programs, streaming or downloading music, video, youtube etc.

    If your problem still persists i would urge you to contact your ISP (internet service provider) and see what speeds you are gettting, if they re not fast enough then i suggest shopping around for a new ISP :)

    Hope that helps



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    Yep, I pay for broadband and don't want games interrupted because my opponent is using third world internet. More importantly, it's impossible to tell the difference between accidental and intended disconnection. It would get abused.


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