I loose my 15-10 game because I was using too much time to play a move !!!


I loose a 15-10 game because I was using too much time to play a move !!!

I had a good connection, no problem on this side but I think my opponent asked to win game because I was not responding! The position was in the end of the opening, the situation was equal! 

It's totally unacceptable !

IT'S TO THE CLOCK TO DECIDE WHEN I LOST THE GAME! IF I WANT TO USE 4 or more minutes in a 15-10 game I can do it !!! OK ????

Worse I received a blame from admin !!! 



Probably all 3

I'd try to contact staff about this one. I was once playing rapid on another site and my opponent hadn't move for several minutes, suddenly a message popped up asking if I wanted to claim the win, which I didn't, and later we continued playing normally. I was quite surprised. I asked a friend and he told me it is probably related with disconnections. If it isn't the case, and you simply aren't allowed to manage your time as you wish (unless you have a past of letting the clock run out when you are losing), I would leave the site.


What's unacceptable?


What is unacceptable ?? 

When you are playing in a tournament face to face do you stop the clock because your opponent takes too much time on a move ? no ! Then why here a player can claim for a victory only because I'm taking more time to think !??? you see ? 

I had no network problem, only thinking. 

it's the game, no ? if you start a game with 15 minutes to play it's to manage my time as I want ! or not ?

you see ?


I gotcha.  I agree that you should be able to use your time in anyway you choose.  Your 100% correct on that one denis.


It is an action to stop people from leaving. In a tournament if you leave you lose. On chess.com they limit the time you can take because they can't see you. It is to stop rapid being ruined by bad sports. 4 minutes is a reasonable cut off point in most cases

doggone2 wrote:

No, in a tournament if you leave, you don't lose.  You lose when your clock runs out.

Actually, in USCF rules, if you leave the playing hall without notifying the TD you may forfeit the game at the discretion of the TD. I just looked this rule up because of an online tournament I play in where they said the same thing as you post.



 You should probably post this in "Site Feedback and Suggestions" so the staff take notice.


My copy is old, so the numbering may be off, but it is in


Official Rules of Chess  (Chapter 1) 


20H Long absence during play Players with games in progress should not leave the playing room for more than 15 minutes without permission from the director. A first offense usually does not warrant a forfeit unless there is there is additional evidence suggesting a further rules violation during the absence. (Rsava comment -the key word here is "usually", leaving it to the discretion of the TD.)

20H1 Quitting without resigning  It is rude an unsportsmanlike to abandon a lost position withoout resinging. Any player with a bad position who is absent without permission for over 15 minutes risks having the game adjudicated. See 18G and 20H.


Looking at 18G:

18G Adjudications Only under emergency circumstances may a director permanently adjudicate a game, that is, declare a result based upon best play from both sides. When used in other than emergency situations, this fact must be clearly specified in all tournament publicity and posted and announced at the site.

Then, in 18G1

18G1 Example of emergency  An "emergency" (quotes theirs) situation could arise, for example, if a player with substantial time remaining and a poor position disappears for more than 15 minutes or is present but shows little interest in considering the position, Such behavior is unsportsmanlike and the director is encouraged to adjudicate, possibly after a warning. See 20H.


So, 18G clearly states it is allowed as long as it is communicated in all tournament publicity and posted and announced at the site. 

18G1 gives them the authority to adjudicate the game immediately, even encouraged to do so, possibly after a warning. Key word there is "possibly". They are within their rights to do it immediately at their discretion.


Hope that helps.


I was originally replying to you when you said that "in a tournament if you leave, you don't lose". I thought it was funny that I had just researched it a day before.

I agree that chess.com is screwed up in a lot of things, and forcing a move in a "certain amount of time" is one of them. I think if someone disconnects for a certain amount of time (but it needs to be a long time) the player still online needs to be given the option to claim a victory (as happens on another site which cannot be named because of someone's severe insecurity issue). I do not play here very often anymore so it does not bother me that much.

Although, I did play an online game where the other player took over 35 minutes to move (a 45+45 game). When he eventually moved he messaged me that he was so "baked". He had actually went out and got stoned and wasted 35 minutes getting "baked". That would be a reason to adjudicate the game, it was very unsportsmanlike.

And the excuse of chess.com that your forfeit was "a mistake" is just bogus as it happens all too frequently here.

Perhaps the reason behind this is as for every 1 person who takes a long time, there are 1000 who are letting their clock tick down, chess,com listens to the 1000s not the 1s.
doggone2 wrote:

Perhaps they should do what is right, not what is more popular.

What a novel idea!

Oh, wait, no it is not. Well, maybe in today's day and age it is.


Of course you can use more than 4 minutes in a 15-10 game. That would probably happen in every game. Every game has its easy and difficult moves. You have probably lost connection while you were not moving and therefore not realized that you have lost the connection.


I had an equal position !! Why not in that case doing a check on the position with a quick computing and if yes, I mean if yes the position is lost, then the player lost the game! it's really non acceptable !

Chess.com make abusive decision ! Without to check reality! Even I recognize 99% of the time morons have bad attitude like this! That the system sanction them NOT ME ! clear ? 


Do you have a link to the game in question? The site keeps track of the time each player uses on each move.


I agree with the original poster. If they want a maximum time per move as well as time and increment, it should all be on the clock.

So if there is a 4 minute maximum per move this should tick down on its separate clock.


doggone2 wrote:

Perhaps they should do what is right, not what is more popular.

 The thing which is right must be the popular... THEN?????


    The thing which is popular is right , but the thing that is not popular is not necessarilly wrong.Great example is the Berlin.Just an unpopular sideline before the match Kasparov-Kramnik.Popular main line after the match.The same happened with Italian that was ralely employed before the rise of popularity of Berlin and became one of the main "anti-Berlin lines" after.Popularity constantly changes and it certainly doesn't define what is wrong and what is right.


I have a quick question is the 15|10 play style what in real life standard chess goes by? Like just a regular chess match with someone would be 15|10? Or would it be just 15 minutes for each side because adding 10 seconds would be weird?