Is not executing FIDE Laws of Chess(6.9)?

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This is the game in question:


Very interesting. I would like to understand how the adjudication rules work here. In my opinion, it should have been adjudicated as a win for white. Could it be a bug? Have you contacted support to let them know of this? Or maybe there is some other criteria involved which I am unaware of. If it is not a bug, it would be useful to understand what is the criteria used.>>>

It's only a win according to FIDE. FIDE is a semi-autonomous body that claims to set the rules for chess but if their rules are idiotic, especially in the context of wins on time, it's perfectly right to ignore them. Perhaps an alternative chess body will emerge.



Americans always use a different system from the rest of the world, it seems. They don't even care lol.


Neither does communist Vietnam. Don't insult the US and I wont insult Vietnam. LOL


Chess players use clocks for a reason.












"6.9 Except where one of Articles 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.2.1, 5.2.2, 5.2.3 applies, if a player does not complete the prescribed number of moves in the allotted time, the game is lost by that player. However, the game is drawn if the position is such that the opponent cannot checkmate the player’s king by any possible series of legal moves. "

Note that the situation in the last sentence is half of a dead position. If this condition applies to both sides then the position is dead and should result immediately in an automatic draw. However, chess interfaces and engines are incapable of deciding dead or half dead positions. They attempt instead to approximate the outcome in some way which leads to the nonsense shown in the first diagram. Unless you appoint 10,000 human arbiters, there is no way to solve this issue. Well, there is a practical way which is: "always always always provide reasonable time increments" enabling both sides to continue the game indefinitely - only restricted by repetitions and 50M rule. Then, if you defend a simple position too slow, you lose on time - unconditionally. There is no other way.

USCF-rules are different as they apply before time runs out. Decision by a human tournament director upon a players request, not by an engine or interface. Do not contradict FIDE game rules as they relate to the game context, not the game content. Similar to when a fire breaks out and all games are declared drawn while the players are encouraged to leave. It's up to the organization to decide what is the appropriate action in these situations.


Sore Loser Resorts to "Rules"

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Note that "forced" does not appear in the rule (nor in FIDE's definition of checkmate). Checkmate is certainly possible here, even if it can't be forced. 

That does make the rule seem overly broad though. 



as long as there is a possibility of a mate, then the game is a draw. Even though you would have to "cooperate" white has enough material to mate the king if you got stuck in the corner, or if your pawns were situated correctly. (or rather incorrectly I should probably say. happy.png