Live Cheese: disconnections

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    Just had another game on Live Chess where my opponent disconnected when they were in a tight spot. Yes, I won the game but I had to sit there until it timed out (2 minutes?). To all those contra temps who might say 2 minutes is not a long time to wait- I would say it is relative - when you suspect someone is stiffing you it is agravating).

    I propose that a new stat be corelated/exposed for users: % of their losses due to disconnects. We have that for turn-based chess in the form of time out %. I tend to avoid players who have a high time out rate. I would like the same option in Live Chess- either as a % displayed in their LC game seeks or as a preference in Live Chess to set a threshold of acceptable disconnects.

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    live cheese?

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    Maybe typo...Smile

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    Live cheese, you know, like live yogurt. Darn tasty and annoying when your supply is cut off.



    Six hours later....


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