live chess not working.......very disappointing, please help

There don't seem to be any clear answers on google or on the forum, but I've just signed up a new member with hopes of having a game with him, and we're both on the phone, in the app, and there's huge delays between our messages being sent and received, it took forever to get the friend added, and after all of that, "player is currently unavailable for live chess" is the error message we get when we try and start games, even though we are both clearly online in the app. Other posts about the same problem have had some vague answers about not being logged into "live chess", whatever that is. On google there was a very poor attempt at a solution with a screenshot and series of instructions, none of which made sense. I feel like this is a core feature that while not working, really diminishes the lustre of As I watch live tournaments sponsored and commentated by, find myself really impressed, but with this, and the fact that the "playing the computer" portion of my app crashes the whole app every time for months now, it's all a bit disappointing to say the least. I posted about the crash problem months ago and never saw any reply

Blitz, bullet and rapid are types of "live chess" while "daily" with minimum time controls of 24 hours per move and up is not.

Have you used the "Report problem" in settings in the app to let the staff know? They don't often read the forum.


Thanks for the reply. no, i wasnt aware of that avenue. ill try