Live Chess Tourette's


I've noticed several times recently where an opponent of mine in live chess will say something like this after a game:

"you play like crap"

And other things like that. This, by itself, is nothing new. But then recently the direction has changed after they got this obligation off their back. In some cases, they are in fact very nice people, and we end up playing several more games without drama, and then adding as friends afterwards. What to make of this new phenomenon?


Daylight savings time, the seasons are changing.  People are feeling much better with the added sunshine.


Maybe you should 'invint' a nice reply? Wink

BleedDodgerBlue wrote:

Its like when someone accuses you of cheating.  How do you not take that as anything but a compliment?

I typically tell them that it's against the rules to accuse people in public and leave it at that.

I suppose I could add the personal attack "you must be new here", but what's the point?