Lost internet connection in won position


It isn't an uncommon problem, it has happened a number of times and we have seen complaints, particularly by players who were playing longer time controls, returned with plenty of time left on the clock but were told they had "abandoned" the game and it was awarded against them.

This is something that needs to be improved.


PalestineForever wrote:

It is still happening, I just lost a bullet match I was winning by time, 15 seconds and a much solid position against my opponent with 5 seconds and a weak position. ...Guess what happened... Just like countless other times, I suddenly lost the connection and when it was up again I had 1 second left and lost.


That's just tough. If you don't have a good internet connection don't play bullet.

I'm thinking more of a case where you're playing a slower game with loads of time left on the clock.