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Misplaced Priorities?

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    It seems interesting to me that advertisements load BEFORE the chess board finishes loading and I can never get started because the app never reaches the point where I can ask to start a game. It would seem to me ad revenue might improve if chess.com first focused on capturing their audience attention by starting the game before serving solicitations.

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    I'm very sorry about this :( The screen should load equally. Can you tell me how you're accessing the site? Is it through a computer or a mobile device?

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    HP Touchpad tablet. When I use Internet Explorer on my laptop I do not experience this problem.

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    Ah ok. It may just be a slow connection on the touchpad which is causing this.

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    it may in fact be the touchpad, but has anyone bothered to examine specifically why? It would be helpful to know what to do about it (other than replacing it). Chess.com seems to be the only website that has an issue with touchpad and WEBOS.


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