Mouse click issue - Big problem!



So when I move pieces, my mouse I'm assuming will "let go" of the click randomly. Sometime when clicking on a piece and holding it the square will turn blue, meaning I let go of the click when I didn't. This creates obvious problems when moving pieces. The game also seems "laggy."

Is this an issue with live chess or my computer? Probably my computer, and if so does anyone have any suggestions? I've just run my typical computer maintance and it didn't help. Thanks.


I think that that happens to me also, sometimes. I also have a crappy mouse.


It looks like it's about your mouse. If you could try live chess with a different and working mouse, we could be clear.


Simple - open the mouse with a small four head screwdriver and clean the muck around the small roller wheels inside. That will solve your problem. Cool


You can also always click on the piece you want to move then click on the destination square instead of dragging the piece, I believe.


Build a Rube Goldberg machine that causes a small lead weight to drop at certain locations into the circuit of the server that contains the source code for Live Chess through a ventilation fan hole, and hit certain areas, causing electrons to be sent to the CPU and moving your piece for you. I suggest a wooden chess board hanging from the ceiling, with strings attached to each piece that causes the appropriate lead weight to drop through a chain reaction when you place it in a certain manner(ie. a certain square).


Thanks everyone for your replies. I swapped my laser mouse for my friend's old wheel mouse. It works ok enough.


Lol helltank and cool avi


I am having the same problem. I have no problems with my mouse on all other computer functions. It seems to have happened since the last close down that had to reboot the systems. 


yup! it is happenning for me too. I could barly play.


I don't think it is always a "mouse problem". My mouse can work well with all other computer tasks, but when I go to to play, I experience mouse problems which have cost me a number of won games.


I just noticed the problem last week. I thought it was my mouse, which is about 3 years old. But then I used my little travel mouse AND bought a brand new mouse, but I still have the same problem. Guess it's Rats. I do love 1-minute chess but I don't have a chance - my rating went down almost 200 points!


Often when I click a piece once, its field will turn blue, then I click another field where the piece should go, but nothing happens. Even if I try multiple times. REALLY distracting in fast games. Everything works fine with dragging-and-dropping the pieces, but I would much prefer clicking twice.

Anyone know whats going on?


This might be old. But I'm having problems playing Live Chess today. The pieces are behaving very strangely and sometimes will not move to the correct spot. My mouse and my trackpad both work fine everywhere else but glitch up on the game. Did anyone find a solution for this problem?


Hey Padrino can you make a new thread? If a mod sees the resolved tag they might not read this one.


yes- am having same problem as Padrino


i also have the same problem


              If you feed and water your mouse, and take proper care of it, you won't have these problems. He'll grow up to be a well adjusted MONSTER!


Hi I see very little response from chess. com. This is the reason I stopped paying the full membership given that chess. com is woefully inadequate in this department. The latter is a shame as the rest of the software/hardware is very good indeed. 


         is NOT responcible for your computer. You pick up viruses on Yahoo, Google, ITunes, etc. And there's more viruses around the holidays.