Move confirmation


@Recolor @forked_again Ok mates, i saw what you said. I can play unrated games with black, but i also can play rated games only with the computer in Live chess. Thanks for your time!


I agree, please add to desktop version, it's an option anyway, for whoever wants to use it 

I lost games for miscliking too

it's on mobile, why not on desktop, even just for consistency


thank you

Lagomorph wrote:

An extra "confirm" would be detrimental to anyone under time constraints. Bad idea.

I wouldn't mind it for Rapid games with 10 min plus 10 second increments.  I haven't played much Rapid but still have had problems with mousepad moves.


I think it should be applied to over the board games as well.  After each move, your opponent will be required to ask: "Are you sure you want to do that?"  


I have raised this to support, they were not even aware this option was missing in the desktop version, they will look into adding it