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New live chess problems

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    AmorPropio wrote:

    While playing 2-minute tournament, I lost two games because I could not promote a pawn.  I reported this to technical support but I was told I had to pay $38 so I did n ot proceed.  This is a bug that needs to be fixed.  Or else people will stop playing once they realize that this bug exists.  Kindly do something to fix this.  Thanks.

    I checked support tickets and don't see any there from you. Do you have a ticket number?

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    dbeuscher wrote:

    First, upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 if you are using Windows 7. IE7 was one of the worst browsers ever made and is now way out of date anyway.

    Second, IE is not the best browser, period. Try using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.


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    i have a problem with live chess..every time its my opponents turn he loses time but when its my turn its me whos lost time and i end up losing

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    Just got a loss for abandoning a tourney game in live chess game when the board never materialized.  Has that happened to anyone else

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    @JPF917- What browser and operating system were you using? Is this the first time this has happened for you?

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    I have had it happen with my Android app.  I made a move and sat there waiting for the opponent to move.  I showed him count down to 1 min left and he sent me a message asking why i was so rude to not move.  I told him I was waiting for him to move.  his move never materialized.  I ended up losing the match.  This was about 1 month ago when it happened.  Have not used the app for Live games since.

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    First time I played in a live chess tourney.  Probably won't be doing that again for a while.  Using IE 10 & final version of Windows 7.   Waiting patiently for 8.1 in mid October rather than deal with a Microsoft  initial point 0 version

    I see that some people have posted about windows 7 but it's the same Windows system I've been using for 5 years with regular IE upgrades and Microsoft patches.  And, the same that used since I joined [I've renewed either 2 or 3 times] and never have had a problem 'til today.  


    I'm glad to see it happened with the Android app. [No offense mdavidson.]  That would make it appear perhaps the problem/glitch was carried over when the app was designed.  Doubt that it's Windows 7 since that's been around so long and apparently compatible

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    @JPF917- Do you have multiplay enabled in live chess? (its under the settings menu in the top right corner of the board, and then under the PLAY tab)

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    Nope.  And, it's not showing under any settings on any screen.   Having to enable that type of setting would seem illogical.  It sounds more like a programming item than a choice the member would have to make. 


    However, the game that I lost as having, allegedly, been abandoned was the third out a supposed 5 (possibly 5 + in a swiss with 22 to 24 ) that were to be played.  So with two in, a setting for multi-play apparently was already in effect.  That would lead me back to a programming glitch.

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    There are serious issues with live chess. I've been playing 2m and 1 m blitz chess on the ipad. Occasionally it just pops up saying I have resigned when I have not!!!! Other times the timer thing is totally broken and suddenly knoks 20 s or so fom my time!! I have a good Internet connection so I don't think it's that. Anyone getting the same??


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